Ryan Hilton

Front End Web Developer

Recent Work

Unless otherwise noted, all projects were built from designs that were provided to me.

Work For: Nessit/Cloudbridge Solutions/Fishnet   - 2014 – 2017

Lucid Drug Free Kids UBNT Controller Vick Insurance

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Older Work

Work Completed For: iMarc & Silver Oven

Steamship Authority Quadrangle Lightyear Investure Ares Logos

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Hi, name is Ryan, and I'm a Front End Web Developer. Currently I am looking for full time work!

In the last few years, I have used Foundation for building responsive website layouts, but decided that while I am unemployed, I would use the extra time I have to build this site using the recently supported CSS Grid + Flexbox for positioning, and to get more practice writing plain JavaScript.

Since I don't have a traditional contact form at the moment, (I have also removed contact details from my Resume, because I don't want spammers) please contact me through LinkedIn if necessary, thanks!